Hello, we are Outriders.

We believe in strengthening the power of journalism to explain complexities of the world.

We aim not only to make great stories but also to experiment and find new ways to collaborate, for reporters to cooperate with media outlets on new projects, help freelancers work with new trends and we ourselves want to be a community driven platform. At the same time we share everything we learn and animate community of journalists and reporters.

We are a group of experienced reporters, designers, coders and editors who tell the stories of the world in their best-suited form. Our interdisciplinary approach provides our readers with dispatches from across the world, reports on global issues, opinion pieces on the future of journalism and a weekly newsletter. We believe that modern journalism should span beyond our borders.

Our four main activities are:

  • Outride.rs – Portal where we present global issues through various interactive forms.
  • Outriders Network – knowledge sharing platform for reporters and storytellers worldwide.  
  • Wachlarz – grassroot community of travelers and reporters established to promote interest in world and global issues.  
  • Outriders Studio – we support other organisation in doing information oriented projects