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Digital Storytelling Forum in Sofia

In Sofia we joined a group of over 300 participants from 32 countries to talk about how we use campaigns for our dialy work.


Workshops for Transitions Online in Ukraine

We took part in two two-day events in Odessa in Kharkiv where we conducted 6 workshops – StoriesLab, NewsletterLab, InteractiveLab and solutions journalism training.

06.12.2019 at Prague Media Point

At TOL’s annual event Prague Media Point we had a chance to present our work and also discuss future developments of solutions journalism in Poland and CEE.


Nomination to Grand Press 2019

Our great reporter – Lola Garcia-Ajofrin received nomination in Grand Press contest for her interactive story “Vaccination and fake news”. We couldn’t be more proud!


Debate – “#Others. Media and prejudices”

“#Others. Media and prejudices” was the theme of the final debate within Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja’s project “(In)separable” that we supported. Our editor-in-chief Anna Górnicka took part in inspiring discussion between Prof. Michał Bilewicz (Centrum Badań nad Uprzedzeniami), and Draginja Nadaždin (Amnesty International Polska), lead by Adam Szostkiewicz (Polityka).


Presenting Garage participants at Outriders Stage

The final session of our Garage was kicked off during Outriders annual event. Both leaders and teammembers of participating organisations joined us on the stage.


#LoveSpeech GIFs hit 1 million views

#LoveSpeech GIFs have been seen over million times which is much more we ever hoped! And the counter keeps rising <3


Outriders Stage in Warsaw

Outriders Stage, the flagship event of Outriders Network, gathered 200+ journalists and storytellers from all over the world. The topic of this years edition was “Let’s get together”.


Future of media debate

Anna Górnicka took part in a debate on future of media organised at Media Student conference in Warsaw.

12.11.2019 at News Community Summit was selected as one of the few European journalism startups to present itself to over 100 media professionals at first News Community Summit organised by Facebook Journalism Project.

11.11.2019 at University of Amsterdam

Jakub presented our work behind to the student of media faculty at University of Amsterdam.


Launch of #RojavaDiary from Northern Syria

Together with local reporter Massoud Hamid we begin to release regular updates from Northern Syria as a podcast and video series. All material are sent to us through WhatsApp.

08.10.2019 at Media Forum in Moldova

We had a chance to give a long presentation explaining in details how our publication works.


Outriders Brief nominated to Mediatory

Our magazine received a nomination to Mediatory award in the “Initiator” category for “For creating unique and high quality newsletter which every week gives its readers information from all around the world. For making it a magazine which connects aesthetics, selective information and technology of delivery”


Solutions journalism contest launched

Together with Santander Bank Polska we have launched a special competition promoting solutions journalism in Poland.


Work begins on new event

We don’t know where it will take us – but a new event – with new format, place and idea starts to be created. And we begin to have initial meetings in a totally new place…


Startups gathering in Kathmandu

We presented our work at to over 60 journalism startups from all around the world and took part in a 4 day long workshop.


Workathon for the Outriders Lab trainers in Warsaw

Outriders Lab trainers meet again to finalise their presentations during a work-a-thon spree.


Second session of Garage in Warsaw

During second session we were joined by Tomasz Sulewski, Tomas Bella and Cristian Lupsa who as mentors helped our participants in their projects developed during


#BehindTheFires – mini crowdfunding campaign

We decided to cover what is happening in Amazonas through a cross border project. For that we experimented with Facebook donations and collected remaining 1200 EUR needed to make the story happen.


Outriders Brief team joins workshop in Cape Town

Anna Górnicka and Grzegorz Kurek travelled to South Africa to learn from Daily Maverick’s experience in running newsletters and membership.


Train the Trainers in Warsaw

Between July 23 and 25 we met in Warsaw for a few days of an educational design training – we were working on how to build an educational curriculum for the next season of Outriders Network.


First Media Garage Session in Warsaw

We met with eight participants from five media outlets from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova for three days workshops to create their organisations tuning plans. Within next weeks they will also start working with mentors from various fields.

02.07.2019 joins Membership Puzzle Project

Membership Puzzle Project is a research initiative based at New York University. We are joining an amazing group of media organisations from all around the world to develop our email magazine and membership model.


“Zones of fear” project in Belgium

Is Molenbeek a breeding ground for terrorists? As part of the “Zones of Fear” project, we are working on another text about so-called no-go zones and areas of sharia. This time we check the information about Molenbeek district in Brussels.


Festival Wachlarz gather over 500 people

Wachlarz is a festival gathering reporters and travellers who meet to talk about the world. This year the theme of the event was “Freedom”. We featured 16 speakers who shared their experience of discovering and exploring various countries.


The third stop in the Zones of Fear project

In Marseilles, we collect materials for the third part of the reportage about so-called areas of sharia and no-go zones in European cities. We talk with inhabitants, activists and local activists about how does the life in Marseille look like.

07.06.2019 at Mezhyhirya Fest

Piotr Andrusieczko explained work and values behind our work at plus presented some of our interactive projects.


Outriders Meetup in Warsaw: Community Engagement

Our Warsaw meetup devoted to the topic of community engagement was designed as a conversation start-up for Polish new media interested in engaging their communities beyond social media. We have talked about crowdfunding, subscription models, events organizing and strategic communications. Colleagues from Przekrój, Tygodnik Powszechny, Krytyka Polityczna, Non/Fiction, and PISMO showed up. Thank you for coming!


Outriders Network meetup at Lviv Media Forum

At Lviv Media Forum we have hosted a workshop on storytelling with Insta Stories as well as a session devoted to the topic of interactive storytelling. Our speakers included Rafał Hetman from our team, Eva Lopez from Deutsche Welle and Zhanna Novik from Radio Free Europe. More than 100 people showed up the meetup. Lviv Media Forum remains one of our favorite journalism events. Thank you for having us!


London – the next step in Zones of Fear project

London is the second city that we visit as part of our “Zones of Fear” project. According to some media and politics, in the capital of Great Britain, there are so-called no-go zones and areas of sharia in which radical Muslims want to implement Sharia law.


Splice Beta in Thailand

Splice Beta is the first event in Asia so broadly bringing journalists and media startups together. We participated in the first edition and also took part in one of the sessions where we talked about Outriders Studio.

photo: Jittrapon Kaicome


Tapes – new interactive story


Our first member meeting

We invited members of community to take part in our kick off meeting of “łączymy” platform. We met in Bar Studio in Warsaw to present our initial ideas and gather feedback from people. After three hours we left really pumped with energy.


New Caledonia – new interactive story

“(In)dependence” is an interactive story about New Caledonia, its inhabitants and their pursuit for independence, about their life and customs.


Outriders Network Meetup in Minsk: Cross-border Reporting

Outriders Meetup in Minsk was organised in collaboration with the Press Club in Belarus. The talks included Tina Lee from Hostwriter talking about their work, Hanna Liubakova from Outriders sharing her experiences of reporting on Belarus abroad, and Jakub Górnicki presenting Outriders model of building trans-national collaborations and managing a diverse newsroom.


Outriders sessions at International Journalism Festival

We went to the XIV International Journalism Festival in Perugia where we spoke about Solutions & Engagement Journalism, mediascape in Ukraine, journalistic innovations in the CEE and media start-ups struggle all over the world.

Meetup Budapest

Outriders Network Meetup in Budapest: Disinformation

In the capital of Hungary, we gathered to talk about disinformation. Joined by speakers from Italy, Macedonia and Austria we held two workshops, consultations and public event. All together over 110 people took part!


#Łączymy (connecting) campaign begins

#Łączymy means #Connecting. For us it means two things – set of “listening activities” which we introduce for our community (and not only) which will help us better understand society’s issues, problems and fears. As well as it’s the name of campaign which promotes it all and begins roll out.

Meetup Sofia

Outriders Network Meetup in Sofia: Cross Border Stories

Over 100 people joined us for workshops and meetup about cross-border stories in the capitol of Bulgaria.  Almost 800 shared interest in all activities!


Looking for reporters to join #ZonesOfFear project

After producing first part of the project we now go into its cross-border part. We are looking for reporters based in Germany, France, London and Belgium.


Let’s get together – announced as theme of Outriders Summit 2019

Second edition of Outriders Summit will happen on November 21st and 22nd in Warsaw.


Zones of Fear project begins in Malmö

Zones of Fear is a reporting project about life of Muslims in Europe. It will combine cross-border collaboration of reporters as well as interactive way of telling the story. The first part happened in Sweden and Rafał Hetman together with Marcin Suder were lead reporters.


Vienna Unconference – The European Media Literacy Toolkit for Newsrooms

Ewa Dziardziel took part in a unconference hosted by Global Editors Network. Among 20 journalists she shared her knowledge and thoughts on media literacy as well as ideas about tools for journalists to help them fight with disinformation.


New website goes into beta

Our designer Arkadiusz Sołdon and coder Piotr Kliks created a new design of to make it look like a magazine.


Session and media production at Megaphone event

Jakub Górnicki and Rafał Hetman conducted a workshop on storytelling and how to use it as a tool for building a brand and community engagement.


Journalism (R)evolution conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

Jakub Górnicki talked about Outriders business model during discussion panels In Search of a New Business Model and How Do They Innovate?


News Impact Academy in Warsaw

Ewa Dziardziel took part in a two-days workshop on how to engage audience members and learned about the different membership systems.


Kickstarting media hackathon in Minsk

LaunchME Hackathon was organized by the first Belarusian accelerator for technology startups in the media industry, an initiative of Press Club Belarus and SPACE in partnership with the British Embassy in Minsk.


Talking at MMIT Forum in Minsk

On the second day of Media Management and IT Forum, Jakub Górnicki run workshop on storytelling: Let me tell you a story.


Presenting solutions journalism in Kraków

Rafał Hetman was explaining the idea of solutions journalism and how it can support local communities at Ashoka organised event.


Code for All Summit

Jakub Gornicki was a host at Code for All Summit in Bucharest, an event which brings together the key players in civic technology from around the world.


Rafał Hetman nominated to Mediatory

He was nominated for two interactives: Clear Water and The Luggage, and for transforming them into Instastories.


g0vtech Summit in Taiwan

Jakub Górnicki gave a speech about the intersection of journalism and civic tech – two fields which for a long time didn’t go together, and how solutions journalism can connect those two.


Solutions journalism workshop with Tina Rosenberg

Tina Rosenberg a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (Solutions Journalism Network) introduced the concept of solutions journalism during the workshop we have organized with Ashoka CEE.


Outriders celebrates 1 year anniversary

Proudly we got to this point and after hard work on Outriders Summit, we finally had a moment to celebrate Outriders first anniversary.


Second edition of Digital Cultures launches

Outriders were one of the partners of Digital Cultures –  a conference which serves as an international platform for meetings between Polish artists and international culture managers, organized by Adam Mickiewicz Insitute.


Workshop at Digital Cultures

Nobody wants to fund culture? Nonsense! – Jakub Górnicki run a workshop about different financing models and knock down stereotypes around them with invited guests.


Session “Covering migration in an atmosphere of hostility” at n-ost media conference

Jakub Górnicki was moderating discusson between Robert Brestan  from HlidaciPes, and Boróka Parászka from

15.09.2018 begins publishing regular articles from China

Lola García-Ajofrín, a Spanish reporter living in Shanghai started writing regular articles about living in China.


Digital Influencers Hub in Thesalloniki


Correctiv Festival in Düsseldorf

Thanks to EJC we took part in another JFF gathering and joined the discussion about challenges in setting up and running non-profit newsroom.


Gorani is also our first story released in “stories” format on Instagram, Facebook and Google AMP


Multimedia Kalisz project begins


Announcing the winners of the Ukrainian Democractic Challenges grant program


Work begins on new website

After long process of defining mission, vision, goals and editorial process we started a process of designing the new website which will embody what we want to accomplish with our platform.


Advisory Board of Outriders announced


Personal Democracy Forum in New York


Global Editors Network in Lisbon


Panel at Lviv Media Forum


Personal Democracy Forum CEE in Gdańsk, Poland


Introducing Dispatches from Turkey


Wachlarz Community meetup with Mateusz Waligóra


Solutions Journalism Workshop with Nina Fasciaux and Samantha McCann from the Solutions Journalism Network


Outriders at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia


Wachlarz Community Meetup with Andrzej Budnik (Los Wiaheros)


Wachlarz Community Meetup with Maria Hawranek and Szymon Opryszek


Journalism Funders Forum in Amsterdam

Journalism Funders Forum is a project by European Journalism Centre which connects funders and media organisation. We were eager to share our thoughts on what challenges journalism startups and what funders could do to adapt to changing environment in which we operate in.


Wachlarz Community Meetup with Bartek Sabela


Grand Press Digital 2017 for!


Local Community Meetups Wachlarz are back!

08.12.2017 at the Digital Stories Lab

During the first edition of Digital Stories Lab organised by Total Immersion foundation we had a pleasure background information about how we work on various interactive stories of ours to an international group of participants.


Corruption-Free Cities of the Future in Albania


Our “Migration” Exhibition at TEDxPoznań


Human Rights Communication 2.0 in Budapest

At the event organised by ODIHR a branch of OSCE we did two things. One – presented our way of thinking behind telling stories and then conducted a workshop for human rights defenders from participants from Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.


Wrażliwy (“Sensitive”) Festival


Introducing Dispatches from the Middle East


Workshop for the School of Digital Leaders “Re:media”


CompassFest in Lviv


Data vs. the truth at the DataFest in Georgia


We made it! 105% of Our Crowdfunding Goals Achieved


Mogadishu – interactive story from Somalia

29.10.2017 nominated to the Mediatory Award!


Mosul Exhibition at the Szwalnia Theatre in Łódź


Lunik IX at the “Kontynenty” meeting in Lublin


Marcin Suder and Jakub Górnicki at the Blog Forum in Gdańsk


Talking about at the Film Spring Open


TransUkraine – an interactive story about traveling through Ukraine


Outriders Nonprofit Organisation Officially Registered


Official Launch of the and the kick off of the Crowdfunding Campaign


Multimedia Story at the Digital Cultures Festival in Poland


Deep Breath wins the hostwriter Pitch Prize!


Introducing Dispatches from Latin America


NewsSummit in Budapest


Outriders in Belgrade at the Business and Trust Forum


Training Young Journalists in Potsdam


Mosul at the Non Fiction Festival in Cracow


Two Multimedia Exhibitions at MiedziankaFest


Mosul – photostory about the Battle of Mosul


Jekaterina Pavlova starts the DCN Fellowship at


Suspended – an Interactive Story


Journalism and monetisation – a hackathon in Moldova


Difficult topics – StoryCode Warsaw

22.06.2017 in the finals of the Global Editor’s Lab in Vienna


How to make journalists projects? PressClub in Minsk


Journalism Funders Forum in Hamburg


How to combine journalist values with technology? Lviv Media Forum 2017


Deep Breath – our interactive project happening now on 4 continents


Introducing Dispatches from Ukraine


Civic Technology and Media – Personal Democracy Forum 2017


Digital Disruption Forum in Kiev


Outriders wins the Editor’s Lab in Warsaw


Our Partnership with the NiemanLab


Many tools. One Story. RockIt 2017


Aula Polska and the role of the foreign correspondends


World 2016


Starting Outriders!