We are guided by the values of transparency which is why our financial data is made public. We would like you to know what percentage of our budget comes from crowdfunding, grants or other sources as well as how we are spending it.

In our first crowdfunding campaign, we got support from 637 people who helped us kick-start our project. We keep collecting funds to continue our work.

104 921PLN
Outriders Revenue 2017
19 250 PLN

4 236PLN
(1000 EUR) Hostwriter PitchPrize
15 000PLN
Grand Press Digital
84 641 PLN
Support from our readers

83 546PLN
Direct donations: support.outride.rs
Donations: PayPal
Donations: Wire Transfer
800 PLN
Economic activity: workshops, exhibitions
230 PLN
Wachlarz Festival - participants' tickets
53 268PLN
This is what we have spent in 2017
45 905 PLN
Running outride.rs including interactive stories and dispatches production
6 736 PLN
Running Wachlarz meetings and the Festival - Wachlarz 2018
627 PLN
Operating costs
8 647 PLN
CIT tax for 2017
9 190 PLN
This is what we paid the crowdfunding service Wspieram.to for running our crowdfunding campaign